Introducing a Life-long Learning Cohort in Living the Transformative Kingdom Mission of Jesus

John ArmstrongACT 3, Discipleship, Kingdom of God, Leadership, Missional Church, Missional-Ecumenism, Unity of the Church

For several years, if not for several decades, I have had a growing desire to equip a group of leaders to grasp and put into practice the principles that I teach about the gospel of the kingdom of God, missional-ecumenism and deep spiritual formation. I have been teaching some of this in seminaries and the Wheaton Graduate School for the … Read More

The Great Reversal

John ArmstrongJesus, Kingdom of God, Poverty

Historians have long written of what they call “The Great Reversal.” By this term they are referring to a time in the early twentieth century when evangelical Protestants turned away from their earlier position about the poor, a position that had a lot more in common with the language I used yesterday about a “preferential option for the poor.” But … Read More

“God’s Preferential Option for the Poor”

John ArmstrongEthics, Jesus, Kingdom of God, Poverty

Over the last two centuries wealth has grown in the West. Now it spreads to other parts of the world through a growing globalized economic system. I am a huge proponent of this growth and believe one way of addressing the issues of poverty is through global business and the growth of education and jobs that go along with it. … Read More

Jesus: The Central Theme of the Bible

John ArmstrongJesus, Kingdom of God

The central theme of the Bible is Jesus. The greatest and most humble of Christians have recognized this profound truth. Jesus came to call people to be his disciples from every tribe, nation and tongue (Revelation 14:6). He is the Shepherd and we are his sheep. He calls his sheep by his Spirit, through the good news of the gospel, … Read More