Peter Gammons Agrees: “Wrigley Field is a Dump!”

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When I wrote several weeks ago that Wrigley Field was a “dump” I knew some real baseball fans would think I was off my rocker. Well, one of the greatest fans and commentators of the game agrees with my analysis, using the exact same word. In a radio interview on Friday, June 10, MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons specifically called … Read More

The Wrigley Dump

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Cubs fans are unique. You have to love them for their zeal and their knowledge of the great game of baseball. I am not a Cubs fan but I live in Chicago and count dozens of die-hard Cubs fans as my best friends. I know these fans can’t get enough of their beloved Cubbies. They talk about them year-round and … Read More

The Baseball Expansion Era

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Reading an April 8 USA Today feature on the expansion era of baseball got me to thinking about my lifetime and how I’ve enjoyed this great game. When I began to follow the sport closely, in the mid-1950s, there were sixteen teams, eight in each league. It had been that way for more than fifty years. The winner of the … Read More

Spring Is Back: Forget the Weather Reports

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Spring is here. I know I am right. It has nothing to do with March 21st or any other calendar date. Why you ask am I so sure? Spring is back because baseball is back! I usually enjoy one out-of-town vacation each winter, a spring trip to see pre-season baseball in Orlando, Florida. This year I could not afford the … Read More

Pujols: More Than the Game

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Professional sports produces many great stars but only a few who are serious disciples of Jesus Christ. There are many professing Christians in baseball, to site just one sports context, but there are far less players who practice their faith in a consistent manner and remain spiritually grounded in their private family lives. One of the truly great stories I’ve … Read More

One Hit From Home: My Bit Role in a Film

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I mentioned to a few of you late last year that two good friends asked me to play the role of a minister in a movie they were making. Most of you know how much I love movies and film-making. I have led seminars and discussion with Christians in the industry and now get to have a small role in … Read More

The Passing of Sparky Anderson: A True Icon in Baseball

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Sparky Anderson, the famous Hall of Fame baseball manager of the Cincinnati Reds and Detroit Tigers, passed away on Thursday at the age of 76. Sparky Anderson’s death moves me as a fan of this great game because I grew up in the age of his great success managing great players and teams. Sparky was, to put it simply, an … Read More

Baseball's Second Half: A Wild Ride Ahead

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I suppose you have to be a real fan to appreciate this year’s baseball season but it has to rank as one of the most interesting first-half seasons in a long time. At the All-Star  break, which is actually a little more than half a season in terms of the games played, the leaders in the National League (NL) were … Read More

A Championship Ring: The Symbol of Success

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I love sports humor. I am not a Chicago Cubs fan so I particularly love Chicago Cubs humor about their futility. A friend recently sent me these photos, which tell enough in pictures to say it all well. Here is the 2008 World Series ring won by the Philadelphia Phillies. Here is the 2009 hockey ring won by the Pittsburgh … Read More