Why Are More and More People Pro-Life?

John ArmstrongAbortion

According to the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute 576 measures related to abortion have been introduced (in 2011) in 48 states. Most of these will never pass committee. Yet by early April, 142 abortion-related provisions had passed at least one chamber of a state legislature, compared with only 67 in 2009. More than half of these 142 bills introduced this year seek … Read More

A Theology of Negation

John ArmstrongMysticism, Patristics, Personal, Postmodernity, Spirituality

In the fourth century three eminent Greek theologians, called the Cappadocian Fathers, gave birth to a theology that has remained in the church through the centuries. I am quite persuaded that a recovery of this theology is underway among some Christians in the West. Let me explain. Two brothers, Basil of Caesarea (icon at left) and Gregory of Nyssa, together … Read More

Peter Gammons Agrees: “Wrigley Field is a Dump!”

John ArmstrongBaseball

When I wrote several weeks ago that Wrigley Field was a “dump” I knew some real baseball fans would think I was off my rocker. Well, one of the greatest fans and commentators of the game agrees with my analysis, using the exact same word. In a radio interview on Friday, June 10, MLB Network analyst Peter Gammons specifically called … Read More

The Day-to-Day Work of Ecumenism

John ArmstrongACT 3, Unity of the Church

I’ve written this week about the importance and role of ecumenism in the modern church. I am persuaded that there are two great needs in the church today. First, we need to recover the centrality of the triune God who revealed himself in Jesus Christ. We have a weak or nonexistent understanding of the Trinity and almost as weak an … Read More

Who Are the Real Christians?

John ArmstrongJesus, The Church, Unity of the Church

I wrote on Tuesday about how a particular evangelical responded to an address I gave on Christian unity last week. The issue, for this earnest brother, came down to the issue of faithfulness to the gospel. I was calling for something (unity) that would involve compromising the gospel thus my appeal might include Roman Catholics. This compromise must be wrong, … Read More

James MacDonald Goes After Congregationalism

John ArmstrongAmerican Evangelicalism, The Church

Mega-church pastor James MacDonald posted (June13) a deliberately provocative article: “Congregational Government is from Satan.” In a note introducing his thoughts, which serves as a warning about what follows, MacDonald writes, “The tone of this post is intentionally aimed at engaging those who are engulfed in this system of church government that neither honors the Scriptures nor advances the gospel.” … Read More

The Conversation of Ecumenism

John ArmstrongMissional-Ecumenism, Unity of the Church

I am deeply persuaded that the Christian Church should be one. I am likewise convinced that disunity always damages the credibility of the church, especially in the modern West.As a realist I know that there is little or no consensus on how we should get from where we are to where we want to be, or where we believe God … Read More

We Are All Part of the One Loaf

John ArmstrongSacraments, Unity of the Church

I am particularly interested in the metaphors and images the New Testament uses to show us exactly how the church is one. I confess I have previously paid too little attention to 1 Corinthians 10:17. “Because there is one loaf, we, who are many, are one body, for we all share the one loaf.” The church is not only one … Read More

What is the One Issue That Most Motivates the Christian Right?

John ArmstrongPolitics

When you think about the Christian Right, and a host of politically charged issues, which one of these issues most motivates evangelical conservatives in terms of their actual voting behavior? I admit I could not have guessed this until Governor Mitt Romney announced his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on June 2nd. What causes the Christian Right to specifically … Read More