What Does “Reformed” Really Mean?

John ArmstrongPersonal, Reformed Christianity

I am often asked if the name “Reformed” is a good designation for one’s own theological position in the present era. I believe that it is but I am well aware that there are a myriad of ways this term is used and many of these uses I find unacceptable. This is true of all such historical labels. When I … Read More

Trained By Christians to Be Good Muslims?

John ArmstrongFeminism & Women

A good friend, with whom I have been in dialogue over my posts on sacred friendships (December 21-24), sent the following story to me. It is all too true to not be troubling if you have the eyes and ears to see and hear. In the evangelical churches I attended growing up, traditional gender roles were portrayed, taught and even … Read More

Ideology: The ACT 3 Weekly

John ArmstrongACT 3, Ideology

Many of you know that each week, on Monday, a weekly article which reflects on leadership, the church and Christ’s mission is sent to several thousand subscribers. This article is longer than my daily blogs. It often represents ideas I am pondering that will be turned into books as time passes and people respond. A new series begins tomorrow. If … Read More