What Does “Reformed” Really Mean?

I am often asked if the name “Reformed” is a good designation for one’s own theological position in the present era. I believe that it is but I am well aware that there are a myriad of ways this term is used and many of these uses I find unacceptable. This is true of all such historical labels. When I … Read More

Trained By Christians to Be Good Muslims?

A good friend, with whom I have been in dialogue over my posts on sacred friendships (December 21-24), sent the following story to me. It is all too true to not be troubling if you have the eyes and ears to see and hear. In the evangelical churches I attended growing up, traditional gender roles were portrayed, taught and even … Read More

Ideology: The ACT 3 Weekly

Many of you know that each week, on Monday, a weekly article which reflects on leadership, the church and Christ’s mission is sent to several thousand subscribers. This article is longer than my daily blogs. It often represents ideas I am pondering that will be turned into books as time passes and people respond. A new series begins tomorrow. If … Read More

George Barna on Mega-Themes

On the first day of the New Year it is fitting to look back for one last time and then ask, “Where is the church in America at the end of the first decade of the twentieth century?” There are a number of researchers who seek to measure various trends and developments in the culture and the church. I pay … Read More