You Can't Control Community but You Can Nurture It

John ArmstrongThe Church

Thankfully large numbers of Christians are coming to understand that individualistic lifestyles are sub-Christian at best. In some cases they are anti-Christian, at least when they become utterly self-centered. The emerging generation, and the postmodern social and cultural context, have both reminded us that we need people, people in community and people in families. This is more than a new mantra. It is fundamental to our identity as creatures made in the image of the triune God, a God who enjoys community within himself as a trinity of persons. Further, God made the solitary to live in the family and he created the family to be the original community designed for life together. And he made Israel and the Church to be living communities. 

What is hard for so many who are pursuing participation in community with new joy is to understand is that they cannot control community. You can’t even make it happen or create it, all tendencies my generation thinks it can manage. No, you can’t control community but you can nurture it. Find it and enter into it. Accept it as a gift, a blessing from a gracious God. Become an active living part of community life and then contribute to the well-being of it when you find it. That is your part.