Wrigley Field

John ArmstrongBaseball

It is already known that I do not care for Wrigley Field. I thus collect quotes from ballplayers who share my disdain for the dump. One such player is All-Star Lance Berkman (photo left) who plays for the Houston Astros.

“If they blew up Wrigley tomorrow, it wouldn’t bother me at all. That ivy is nasty, the infield grass is waist high, and they definitely have the most vulgar fans.”

For me that sums it up nicely. Sorry Cub fans but the place is a dark and dank old dump and the drunks are exceptionally rowdy. It didn’t get its reputation as a the world’s biggest _____bar for no reason at all. I hate it.

And while I am at it on this Labor Day 2008 let me congratulate the Cubs for a great season. Of course "it ain’t over till it’s over" but they should make the post-season without any doubt.  Now the real "curse" kicks in once they start playing important games for the big prize. Will they win their first World Series in 100 years? Anything is possible, especially in Chicago where we have "a miracle mile." But it wouldn’t bet on it just yet. Cub fans will continue to boast and scream but down deep their are nervous for good reason.