Words from a Christian Leader Who Witnessed Gun Violence in His Community

John ArmstrongCulture, Current Affairs

My friend Kevin Jesmer serves as a gospel worker with UBF in DeKalb, Illinois. A few years ago DeKalb was rocked by gun violence on campus at Northern Illinois University, where Kevin has spent time with students in Bible teaching for many years. Kevin sent me these points about such violent tragedies last evening. I share them with the hope that they will ministry to more people.

1.  Never loose hope… in humanity, in our society, in finding a solution…but especially in Jesus.

2.  Continue to preach the Gospel as a matter of life or death.

3.  Pray. Pray. Pray. Stop thinking that we have all the answers without Jesus. These shootings are happening in middle class, well equipped with well funded police forces. Our best efforts are not enough to stem the tide of this violence. I want to try my best, humanly, but I also want to trust in God and seek his help.

4.  Be a better parent to my kids so they can find the love, support and affirmation that they need.

5.  Support my local church and especially the youth out reach.

6.  Support mental health programs in the  community

7.  Reach out and befriend the disenfranchised and those who have fallen through the cracks  in society. Don’t hide. Make myself vulnerable. My friendship can protect the hearts of many who are on the edge of a crisis. It also puts me in a place where I can see problems and help people.

8.  Keep my eyes open for problems and be ready to act at the right time.

9.  Teach my kids how to be safe and also teach them to befriend the disenfranchised.