Was There Really Any Doubt?

John ArmstrongPolitics

I read today that Alabama Governor Bob Riley (R) beat his challenger in a primary election yesterday. The challenger was the real issue in this race. Who was the challenger you ask? Judge Roy Moore of Ten Commandments fame, the man who has been previously mentioned critically on this site. Was there doubt in anyone’s mind that Judge Moore was really up to political ends in his "noble" defense of the decalogue? First we had a book by the judge, then this run for political office. When will Christians wise up to this crass use of God’s truth for personal political goals? As long as the Christian Right fails to take sin seriously, both personally and coporately, leaders will never have an adequate view of how to use power humbly and properly. Power can still corrupt, even good guys.

Thankfully Judge Moore acknowledged that "God’s will" was done in the primary yesterday. That may have been the most accurate bit of theologizing the judge has done recently. I hope he stops his campaign for God, goes on with his personal life, and stays out of politics. I commend the voters of my former state for turning him down. It proves that not all political conservatives are as dumb as some people think. Gov. Riley has cleaned up political corruption in the state of Alabama, thus Judge Moore’s using the law of God as a means to an end has a particularly strange twist to it in this case. Question: Who really honored the Ten Commandments in Alabama? Symbolism is important for sure but God is particularly pleased when we seek justice and mercy, not mere symbolism alone.