Unity Is a Beautiful Word for Christians

John ArmstrongACT 3, Missional Church, Missional-Ecumenism, The Church, Unity of the Church

I am sometimes amazed at how Christians react to the word unity. Many act as if the very word itself is unimportant. As soon as someone begins to talk passionately about pursuing unity and correcting schism they grow suspicious. For them truth seems to mean “disunity is necessary” regardless of how it happened. On the opposite end of a spectrum some people seem to think that unity is all that matters. We should compromise truth to preserve unity. Anything goes and it often does. For the first group the word ecumenism is a nasty idea. For the second it seems to be their only idea. Like so many biblical truths heresy is at the extremes and truth is found in the proper understanding and application of this beautiful word and idea.

Search the Scripture and do a word study of the idea of unity. You will see that God loves it when we live in unity. In fact, he really loves it! And when we live in unity amazing things happen, as John 17:20-23 indicates so plainly.

In this week’s video I give a little longer explanation than usual about my new book, Your Church Is Too Small. I think this video presents some of the balance that is needed on this subject. If it is helpful to you then please encourage others watch it too.