Treasuring Preaching and Sacraments Together

John ArmstrongThe Church

I am convinced, generally speaking, that we do the things that we treasure the most. Therefore, the reason that many evangelicals do not take the Lord’s Supper more frequently comes down to the simple fact that they do not truly treasure this sacrament that Christ gave to his people to celebrate until He comes. For all of their talk about the body and blood of Jesus these evangelicals strangely do not treasure the very means that Christ gave to us for receiving the grace of God through the elements. This generally happens because evangelicals are focused almost exclusively on the preaching of the Word without the symbols that make the Word real to both our senses and our faith. Why not focus on both?

I also am amazed, by my experience in evangelical churches across America, that for all their talk about treasuring the Bible they almost never read it in public worhsip these days. It is strange that we talk about the authority of the Bible a lot and read it very little.

I just came from a service in which both the preached Word and the celebrated Word were central. And the Bible was read, about 40 plus verses in today’s liturgy. What a joy to worship in such a context on the Lord’s Day. My soul was fed, my faith was strengthened and my heart is filled with deep and abiding joy. I am ready to begin this new week strengthened by His grace alone.