Three Vital Qualities for Ministers

John ArmstrongThe Christian Minister/Ministry

One of my dearest friends, a fellow minister of the gospel, regularly challenges both my mind and heart about gospel ministry. The two of us have walked together as brothers and best friends for nearly thirty years. In conversation yesterday, and after writing the blog that I posted on ambition (September 15), my friend’s three point test for good ministers is one that I feel worth sharing.

The three qualities that you should look for in every minister, and that every minister must cultivate in their personal life, are:

1. Humility

2. Self Critique

3. The ability to listen

I can’t think of any qualities in a person that are more vital to true success in true pastoral ministry than these. In fact, when one or more of these is missing the pastor will fail over the long haul, even though outwardly there may appear to be real success. (Don’t be confused by a minister’s great gifts since gifts do not make a true minister.) If you are searching for a minister for a local church make these vital personal qualities priority one. If you are a minister you should make them your pursuit for a lifetime! In fact, take this test. Ask yourself: "Are these three qualities noticeably present in my life before my flock?"