The Red Sox Were Clearly the Team of 2007

John ArmstrongBaseball

When all was said and done the team that played the best all season long was crowned the World Series champion tonight. Boston started strong, held off the red-hot Yankees down the stretch, came from behind down 3-1 to knock out Cleveland, and swept the hot Colorado Rockies in four. You can’t do more than they did. They dominated the baseball season in impressive fashion. Now maybe my friends who are part of the Red Sox nation will at least cut me some slack. Congratulations. The Sox had the better pitching, the better bullpen and the clutch hitting to win all year long. They deserved to win as much as any champion in recent years.

I failed to mention, and some Sox fans reminded me, that this team does have some big salary free agents but it also should be noted that some of the heart and soul of this championship team came up through the Sox farm system. Hand it to them, the dreaded Yankees spent a lot more money than the Sox and still did not have the patience to develop their own players well. And now with A Rod saying he is leaving New York one has to think the Red Sox have a bright future. Next question: Who has the skills to manage the Yankees? Probably Joe Girardi or Don Mattingly. We shall soon see. Now that the season is over the hot-stove begins to burn brightly, as it is expressed in baseball jargon. Several young teams are close and 2008 could bring new surprises. I can’t wait for my annual trip to Spring Training already.