I still would not believe it unless I heard it with my own ears and watched him say it with my own eyes. Like some of you I am watching little bits and pieces of the convention coverage of the Democratic Party this week in Denver. I particularly like watching Public Broadcast System (PBS) since they do less commentary and more basic news coverage. Much of the speaking tonight is pep-rally type stuff, except for Michelle Obama who I want to hear speak personally. In between the PBS folks interview leading Democrats, not the various talking heads.

Just a moment ago, at about 8:00 p.m. (CDT), former President Jimmy Carter was interviewed. In speaking about the election of Barack Obama he said, "If Obama is elected president, and I believe that he will be, it will mark the end of racism and prejudice in America." Even the PBS gang was floored. One said, "That is quite a statement." Carter didn’t budge. Either the former president has gotten more feeble than I realized or his liberal ideology has overwhelmed him beyond belief. I doubt the most ardent black supporter of Obama would agree with such a statement. It is, put as respectfully as I know how to say it, patently foolish. I would hope he would have backed off if he had been cross-examined but the interview ended there so we may never know. This is not the only foolish thing President Carter has said in the last few years. Like so many elderly speakers and leaders he seems to have never learned to "be quiet" when his time has passed. Car0039
I really wish he would stick to his good will work and the Habitat ministry and all the other good works he has performed. He was once a very good, and seeming happy and contented, ex-President but now he has become a rather foolish person in a number of ways. It is actually very sad to see. Even his own party will not give him much attention this week, though he is there as a "super-delegate."

If you want to see some amazing theater and very strange claims watch these two conventions this week and next. You would think the messiah was either a Democrat or a Republican, depending on the party you listen to. But Jimmy Carter, the Christian who knows his Bible quite well, should know much better than the ordinary person that the election of a Democrat as the president will not end racism. What on earth was he thinking?

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  1. Adam S August 26, 2008 at 7:01 am

    I think this is a very wide spread belief among many Whites. They support Obama or not, but they believe that if he is elected President it shows racism has ended. Therefore they can insist that they aren’t racists because they have a Black president (even if they weren’t comfortable voting for him themselves.)
    You aren’t the only one to bring up this problem. I have heard a number of African Americans that are concerned about this because, while they look forward to having a African American as president, they are afraid that it will actually put racial reconciliation backward. (I am not talking about the Jessie Jackson/Al Sharptons of the world that think they will lose influence here.)

  2. Nathan Petty August 28, 2008 at 11:27 am

    Another troubling aspect of Mr. Carter’s assertion would be the conclusion that if Obama did not win, it must prove continuing racism was the reason for his loss.
    The insidious effects of elevating partisan ideology above reasoned discourse plagues both sides of the aisle. In this unfortunate instance, a former president is his legacy’s own worst enemy.

  3. Adam S August 29, 2008 at 6:22 am

    I actually think that racism could make Obama lose the race. In the past several elections the divide has been very narrow. If the ideological divide is very narrow, a small number of votes can change it. But Obama’s team knows that.

  4. ColtsFan May 24, 2009 at 7:12 pm

    I was very discouraged to read the following article:
    I was hoping that in the year 2009 we would not have “whites folks prom” and a “black folks prom.
    I was saddened to learn that is simply not the case.
    However, I do have suspicions concerning the article due to it being printed by The New York Times, which has seen its share of editorial bias and scandal and bad reporting in recent years.
    Here are my suspicions:
    ***why weren’t black parents quoted or even mentioned in the article?
    ***why weren’t white parents quoted in the article?
    ***the article notes that inter-racial dating seems to be culturally accepted in this community. Does this mean that boyfriends are letting their girlfriends go to a prom ….alone?
    That is kinda hard to believe.
    I am sad that this type of racism occurs today. But I simply don’t trust The New York Times (does anyone remember Jayson Blair? How about reporter Judith Miller of NYT???)

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