The DREAM Act and the Problem of Immigration in America

John ArmstrongAmerica and Americanism, Current Affairs, Politics

Perhaps no single issue is more often in the news these days than that of immigration. Consider the debate over the recent bill signed by the governor of Arizona. This has stirred millions of Americans and might awaken the conscience of more people than anything done by a state government in recent memory.

I have found people all over the map on this issue. And most of these people have very strong opinions about immigration whether they have considered the real facts or not. Few people actually seem to understand what is  really involved in this issue and how Christians should think about it with a balanced view of justice and compassion. Even fewer still understand the consequences of this issue for their own brothers and sisters in America. One person who does understand, and whose voice I listen to on this subject because I love and respect him so much, is that of my own son. Matthew John Armstrong is a church-planter and also strong advocate for missional-ecumenism. He understands the plight of the real Christian immigrant and the problems illegal immigrants face in the present context, which is growing more and more hostile towards them with every passing day.

It was through my son that I recently learned of what is called the DREAM Act. The YouTube link above provides a deeply moving story of how the DREAM Act would affect the girl that you hear on this video. This girl happens to be from Matthew’s church in Streamwood, New Hope Community. Please watch it. And share it with other Christians as widely as possible. Make yourself aware of the real issues involved in this complicated debate.

I will share tomorrow how Matt responded to this issue in his own church and how he acted politically as a result of these convictions. Convictions do have political consequences and thought the church is not to become a part of a partisan political movement there are times when our faith requires us to act on principles that impact the lives of those people we pray and worship with every week. I think this story is one that should touch millions of Christians. My fear is that we listen to the harsh rhetoric of the political right far more than to the moral reasoning of common sense and Christian faith. Tomorrow I will explain why.