The Cubs Drought Reaches 100 Years

John ArmstrongBaseball

I have noted several times this year that the Chicago Cubs might make the post-season in 2008 but that they would likely fail in their mission to finally win their first world series since 1908. I could not imagine that I would be proven right so quickly and with such ease. The Dodgers, as baseball fans know, swept the Cubs in three games late last week. This means that the Cubs have lost nine consecutive post-season games dating back over their last three appearances.

Former player Dan Plesac put this well in our local paper. He said the players were tight, error-prone and playing not to lose. I am of the opinion that the fans bring this about as much as any single source. Loyal fans even began to boo their beloved Cubbies when they self-destructed this year. There can be no doubt that the atmosphere around the Cubs was very tense. Dan Plesac said before game three, that "this team is too good to go three-and-out." He was obviously wrong. This team had the best record in the league but failed miserably when it counted.

The Cubs spent loads of money, ramped up their fan's expectations beyond belief, and failed. What next? I do not believe in "curses" but this franchise is able to surprise even their most loyal fans with their century long incompetence.