With all the views of Pope Francis coming from right-left-and in-between I have wanted to see a god dialogue about the man, his view of important issues and his leadership style. Finally, the Jesuit magazine America has given me what I was searching for online. What is remarkable about this program is who is speaking here. The moderator is Nancy Gibbs, managing editor of TIME. Michael Gerson, next to Nancy in the panel, was a policy advisor to President George W. Bush. He is an evangelical non-Catholic. He is also a Wheaton College graduate. (He makes a joke about Wheaton College which is old but still funny). Michael was a TA to one of my favorite theology professors, Dr. Alan Johnson. Then there is the highly regarded progressive Catholic, retired Northwestern University professor and Pulitzer Prize winning author, Dr. Gary Wills. Wills has written some of the most critical contemporary commentary on the Catholic Church of anyone in American academia. At the end of this panel, on your right, is the editor of America, Fr. Matt Malone, SJ. I would describe this group, if I was forced to used these terms, as a group consisting of a conservative, a moderate and a liberal. Yet all three of these panelists are measured and all three say almost the same thing about Pope Francis. If you care about the church, and here I mean all of it, then you should watch this full program. I hardly ever plead with readers to watch a 60-minute video but in this case I shamelessly beg you to watch it all. Once you begin I believe you will finish it. If you are concerned about the pope’s views on markets and economic freedom then you need to watch. If you are concerned about his views on the environment then you really should watch. If you are concerned about the pope’s moral views you should watch. And if you believe in mission you should watch. If you think you have figured him out then PLEASE do watch!!!

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