The Case Against Barack Obama

John ArmstrongPolitics

David Freddoso, a political reporter for the National Review Online, has written what seems to me to be the best book against the election of Barack Obama. The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate came out in July and became an immediate best-seller. I have mentioned several times before that I have followed Obama's political rise in Illinois for some years. But even I didn't know a number of the things that Freddoso includes in this well-written critique. What separates Freddoso's book from other similarly critical works about Senator Obama is that he does not use the silly charges that have been thrown against Obama by far right critics. Freddoso dismisses, for example, the idea that Obama is really a Muslim, that he was sworn into office on the Koran, that he hates the American flag and the national anthem. He avoids character assassination and thereby sticks to the central claim of the Obama campaign: Barack Obama is a great reformer who will introduce an era of non-partisan political government that will help the nation rise above the red state/blue state divide and the present impasse in Washington.

Freddoso shows, beyond reasonable doubt to my mind, that Barack Obama has major ties to the Chicago political machine and thus the Daley family. For those who live in my region and who read the daily papers and listen to the news day-in and day-out, this is no sudden flash of insight for us. The one thing about Barack Obama that you should be disabused of if you know politics at all is this—he is most definitely not a post-partisan candidate who has avoided the taint of corruption and machine-based decision making. His allies are a major problem if you simply follow the trails.

Second, Obama clearly has the most liberal voting record of any candidate for the office of president – ever. I am not sure how anyone can argue against this obvious fact. Every non-partisan watchdog group has concluded the same. Even the liberal groups that assign ratings to legislators regarding their own positions on issues all agree with this statement as well. This is not an unfair attack on this man's character. What is amazing to me is that so few of us seem to know how he has actually voted, when he did vote, on major issues. And Senator Biden so misrepresented Obama's voting record in the VP debate that it was almost beyond belief. (But then who counts the errors that both sides make in these debates?) Biden made a number of these strong charges (on Obama's voting record) himself when he was running against the much more liberal Obama!

Third, Freddoso demonstrates that Obama not only supports full abortion rights, but his position is to the left of every major pro-choice group in America. When you hear people say that Obama supported infanticide, this is not far from the truth at all. It would be more accurate, to keep this completely truthful, to say that he openly endorsed and voted for infanticide. Not even Senator Barbara Boxer, the most liberal member of the senate on this issue, gets close to Senator Obama's record.

Fourth, Obama's association with former terrorists, several racist ministers and other similar sorts of individuals are all simple facts. The far right has over-dramatized these connections, to some extent, but the smoke is there for a real reason, there is fire to be found behind the smoke. If you like Obama, or if you don't, I strongly urge you to read David Freddoso's well-researched and fair-minded book. It would appear that David is a serious Christian. He has done his homework and has given us a solid critique. And he refuses to engage in the wild charges and silly myths that have often plagued Christian responses to very liberal political figures.