Someone Else Has a Negative Perspective on Charlie Weis

John ArmstrongCollege Football

I have written several blogs about Coach Charlie Weis of
Notre Dame. My lack of respect grows the longer I watch this terrible season for
the Irish unfold. (You know things are desperate in South Bend when they “hope” they can beat Navy this week at home
and they are only a slight favorite by all the betting odds!) I am not alone in my strong response to Coach Weis. Consider this recent article by Jonathan Chait, a senior editor at The New Republic, posted at I think he is right on target myself.

Weiss will likely survive this one very bad season. But if there is not real improvement next year, and that includes beating a few ranked or credible teams, he will very likely be gone. Remember, his record against ranked teams is very bad regardless of what he does this season. The school will very likely buy out his long-term contract at the end of next year, a contract they never should have given in the first place. Then they can find a much better and happier fit by securing a really proven head coach with some class and talent both. The irony is that when Weis did win at Notre Dame, his only major head coaching job ever, he did it mostly with Tyrone Willingham’s recruits.