Pray for My Dear Friend Sean McCallum

John ArmstrongPersonal

Sean McCallum is the Web master for ACT 3. He is a talented and wonderful 31 year old designer. He is a great husband and father. And he is one of my dearest friends. I simply could not do all I do without him. I met Sean about four years ago and we connected instantly. I loved his humility, teachableness, generosity of spirit and commitment to do a job right. The more we got to know each other the more we liked one another. We often share meals and brainstorm about ACT 3 stuff. We talk about everything under the sun. We even like baseball and share games. (Sean is an extra special friend since he is a Sox fan and likes the Cubs about as little as I do.) He has become more than a employee for me, he is much more like a son.

One of the things I learned about Sean early in our friendship was about his transplanted heart. He was the first such person I had ever met as a friend. In 1991, as a fourteen year-old kid, Sean got a virus in his heart, a rare thing for sure. The damage was so great that he was kept alive at Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago for some months while they prayed and waited for a new heart. Eventually one became available and the surgery was performed. Day-in and day-out Sean knows that another day is another gift from God. He handles this well but he has his moments like anyone would in these circumstances. I admire him and have never seen him ever question God about his life circumstances. He simply knows that God is good and he has granted him more life that he may have never had without a wonderful providence that saved him many years ago.

Sean also prays for total healing all the time. So far the answers have been there. He faces a number of potential problems but his liver and kidneys remain normal and his coronary artery disease level is not bad. But all this can change quickly. Sean has to watch his diet and exercise as much as he can. It is not easy for him since he is on so many medications for organ rejection and these have immense side effects.

Now, on Tuesday, October 21, Sean faces his annual all-day heart check. We shared lunch and prayer on Thursday of last week and I prayed specifically for Sean's day and for his continued complete healing. Would you join me in this prayer vigil? I will be praying very intensely on Tuesday and would love to have many hundreds of you lift up Sean McCallum with me. Here was Sean's email request for prayer:

Dear John:

I'm having my annual heart catheterization, angiogram and biopsy. Please pray for a strong and healthy heart, lowered cholesterol, clear arteries, and healthy kidneys and liver. The medications I'm on tend to take their toll on other organs. Pray that the procedure goes smoothly and that no damage is done. I have to lay flat, keeping my leg straight for eight hours after the procedure to prevent any significant arterial blockage in my leg. All of this makes for a long day so please pray for peace and protection and that doctors would continue to be amazed at God's provision in my live. Also praise God as I'm coming up the 17th anniversary of my heart transplant on the 26th of November this year.

Also, I always seem to get stressed out about this test. Pray that I trust God with my life and these procedures.