Please Pray for My Family

John ArmstrongPersonal

Today I cancelled my plans to share in the Lincoln Forum in Gettysburg, an event that I love to attend each year at this time. The decision was not hard to make. My mother, who will be 92 next Wednesday, is very near death. She fell a month ago and has gone downhill since then. Now she does not eat or drink, at least since Monday or Tuesday of this week. We are not forcing her to stay alive by putting her in the hospital for IV fluids to prolong her life for a few more days. A hospice nurse came by today and was of immense help to us as we sorted through the end-of-life issues that many of you have also been through and understand well.

This is a life transforming time when you get to hold your mother in your arms, talk to her, sing to her, read the Scripture to her, and watch life quietly slipping away. My dad died twenty-one years ago in May. Mom is ready to join him in the Church triumphant. I am ready to let her go. Pray for us all during these days if you remember to offer such prayer to the Father of heavenly lights.

Meanwhile I will try to write my regular blogs when I have opportunity but your understanding during these busy days is much appreciated. I am honored that so many of you write me, both on and offline, and thereby encourage me to keep writing. Thanks for your many words of grace. Your prayers would also be an added blessing at this time.