Please Discuss the Real Issues and Stop Believing the Lies

John ArmstrongPolitics

Four times today I was asked, by Christians who were very earnest and quite confused by an email that has been widely circulated: "Is Barack Obama a radical Muslim who intends to take over the country and destroy the US?" 89438jpg_smiling_obama
Apparently one of these Internet "myths" has gained so much steam today, oddly after the primary last evening in New Hampshire, that it is now being passed around to hundreds of thousands via the Web. I read the letter this evening. What grieves me profoundly is that Christians read and forward this stuff to their friends as if they are warning people of impending disaster. Frankly, this is akin to slander and commits the person who forwards it to carelessly sinning against both this man and the truth.

I do wonder who creates these kinds of letters and why they are sent in the first place? Did someone from a campaign do it? Did someone who has an agenda to destroy Obama create it? I am not accusing since I do not know but I wonder. I find it anything but accidental that "dirty tricks" could become increasingly used by various parties on the Internet in the coming days. 

Let me say this one more time. I am not a supporter of Barack Obama. I believe his record is one of the most liberal of any of the candidates in the presidential race. He is so consistently pro-choice, and so faithfully devoted to a voting record that reveals him to be one of the most liberal senators in the Congress, that there is plenty to oppose in his political views.  89443
And, as has been acknowledged here already, he is a member of a liberal "black" church that is very Afro-centric. I am not going to explore this further at the present moment but will try to do so when I review the new Shelby Steele book I referenced in a previous post.

The whole issue of race does need to be vetted and explored with regard to Obama’s views and self-understanding. What I am opposing is the "way" so many Christians are dealing with these matters. We have an obligation to speak the truth in love and this does not end when we write blogs and emails. Speak the truth and speak it in the right way. This is the right way to openly consider this man and his views and whether or not they are good or bad for the country.

But these attempts to prove that Obama is not patriotic and a "secret" Muslim who will destroy America is patently false and plainly rooted in the worst Internet foolishness. I am not going to post any more links to these stories so please do not send them to me.

If you know anything about the Internet you know how it can be used responsibly to do real good and irresponsibly to spread lies and rumors that destroy people. I will not contribute to these lies. I am interested in issues, not in character assassination.