Most of you who frequent my blog spot are aware that I wrote a book titled Your Church Is Too Small in March 2010. This book has redefined my life and ministry. I am now writing a sequel, or you could say it is a prequel, to Your Church Is Too Small. The working title of my new book is Our Love Is Too Small. I have written about a third of this book over the last two-plus months. Some days the writing flows and other days I feel like I will never finish this project. This is sheer hard work, but it is life-changing hard work. At times I feel like I’ve opened a vein and I simply bleed as I write. My soul is being poured out in trying to find the most authentic voice that I have for what I believe needs to be said about God’s love and our response to his great love which will be shown in loving others.

Several weeks ago I completed a two-year process of consulting the ministry of University Bible Fellowship (UBF). The international headquarters of UBF is located in Chicago. On March 24 I taught the UBF senior staff in Chicago for the last time, at least as a consultant. My address that Tuesday was based upon my work on this new book, Our Love Is Too Small. This final UBF address is now available for you to see. Sadly, the first twenty minutes or so of this presentation were made with a remote microphone but the last forty minutes turned out to have clear audio when the microphone worked properly.

Please understand that this presentation is very tentative as I gave it only at the beginning of my long term work on my new book. This is, at best, a small sample of the total work from this developing book and is not meant to be a substitute for the book itself. It can only serve as a modest introduction to the book for now. I hope this will edify and also encourage you to pray for me as I keep writing.

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