News About Brother Yun's Time in Denver

John ArmstrongACT 3

When I was working on Brother Yun’s schedule for his Chicago visit, about six weeks before this last weekend, a good friend and solid missions leader, Rev. Ray Prigodich, became involved in my efforts. Ray is an elder at Village Bible Church (Sugar Grove, IL). Ray wanted to know more about Brother Yun before the church invited him to speak on September 21st, and thus did some serious, open-minded, research. (Thank God for men like Ray who ask and remain open to the truth.) In his reading Ray came across an online blog comment by a professor at Denver Seminary that was very favorable toward Brother Yun. This discerning and favorable word came from the well-known author Douglas Groothuis. As a result of this comment by Douglas Groothuis I passed this blog along to the Zondervan publicist and suggested that she contact the seminary. The publicist did this and thus Brother Yun was invited to speak at Denver Seminary on Tuesday, September 23.

The following report is from a Denver Seminary news source. I share this information so that you might see once again how God is using this brother so powerfully. Pray for him as he is now on the West Coast speaking in churches and schools in Southern California. His message is so obviously needed that I am not surprised at all that revival winds blow where he now goes.

Here is the news from the Denver Seminary post I received on Thursday:

This past Tuesday evening the seminary chapel was filled to overflowing with people who came to hear Brother Yun’s witness.  As some of us agreed afterward, it seemed that the Holy Spirit was present in ways we have never experienced on campus before.  Our prayer is that Brother Yun’s visit is the beginning of a season of renewal; of radical openness to what our Lord the Spirit wants to do in our community; of recommitment to the power of the Gospel of the Kingdom to set us free from whatever prisons hold us, just as it did for Brother Yun who by the power of the Spirit miraculously walked out of the highest security prison in China; and of surrender to how Jesus wants us to be His agents of transformation in the church and the world for the sake of His Kingdom.

News like this excites me more than all the news and debate about economic woes this week. It has very often been during times of huge economic breakdown that the Holy Spirit has moved powerfully in the church and the wider society. May it happen again!