More of Bud Selig? You Have to Be Kidding

John ArmstrongBaseball

Baseball owners have again rewarded commissioner Bud Selig, who was installed as their guy temporarily, with a longer contract, now running through 2012. What are these guys thinking? In 132 years of history the sport has never had such a scandal as the one we now have with drugs but the czar of the sport is rewarded. Something is wrong with this picture. Mlb_ap_budselig_200
Selig has never taken serious responsibility for what happened and now he gets a pay raise and contract extension. This is how much the wonders care about the Mitchell Report and baseball as the great American game. It is appalling if it were not so sad.

Selig refuses to adopt independent testing that would remove all hints of cover-ups. Representative Cliff Stearns, a Florida Republican, has called on Bud Selig to resign. I join him in that call but I doubt it will ever happen. And Congresswoman Betty McCollum, a Minnesota Democrat, rightly said on Tuesday that baseball is "rooted in cheating for profit." Does Bud really care? Why should he? The owners keep rewarding him for his leadership.
Congresswoman McCollum added:

It’s my opinion we’re in the middle of a criminal conspiracy that defrauded millions of baseball fans of billions of dollars. The more home runs hit, the more fans in the seats, the more money in the owners’ pockets and bigger salaries for players. Major League Baseball is filled with law breakers and co-conspirators who ignored the problem and actively fueled the problem.

The Congresswoman is not far from the truth. And Selig, Selig_and_fehr_2
who has earned something in the neighborhood of $60 million over the past ten years serving baseball, bears more responsibility than any single person. What does he get for all of this? A new bigger contract. What a disgrace. I love this game but it is being tarnished every day by the greedy owners and a few rotten players with no regard for the fans or integrity.