Matt Maher on Christian Unity

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UnknownMatt Maher is a twice Grammy-nominated Christian musician. He was a finalist for both an album and a single in 2014 and is once again a finalist in 2015. He is one of the most talented original artists that I have had the privilege of knowing as a Christian friend.

Matt is a life-long devout Catholic and a deep friend of Christian unity. He sings to audiences of young Catholics and evangelicals all over America. Both are drawn to the man and his music for good reason. His songs honor Christ and the faith of serious Christians. He is not a divider but uniter. I am honored to be Matt’s friend and hope that you too will enjoy his comments today on the power and importance of Christian unity.

18 Comments on “Matt Maher on Christian Unity”

  1. John, thank you for continuing to grow and challenge my heart toward Christian unity. Matt’s mention of Jesus’s prayer leading up to his death on the cross for our sin is beautiful. When our children were little I studied baptism, wanting to understand what, when, and why they would receive this sacrament. The word unity was always there or very near in the midst of Scripture about baptism. This and Jesus’s John 17 prayer referenced by Matt are two reminders for me that salvation is the gift of God’s grace, and we are one in Christ as believers. Blessings to you! Stanton

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