Giving Thanks

John ArmstrongPersonal

I am incredibly self-conscious about writing this but my wife asked me to consider it. I try to listen to her wise advice so here goes.

What she said to me was, “Ask your readers at Thanksgiving to share one thing they are thankful for with regard to the ministry of ACT 3.” It sounds way too self-serving, as if I am fishing for positive comments. I also admit it feels good to know that someone believes that we are doing something valuable, something that has brought some small blessing into their corner of the world through teaching, preaching, writing or encouragement.

I will begin with this comment:

“I am thankful that ACT 3 allows me to meet so many incredibly interesting and courageous people who are so willing to follow Christ with radical faith and love.”

And further:

“I am grateful for the 25-30 local churches that I ministered in during 2006. Most all of these congregations opened their heart to me and allowed great blessing to flow both ways while I was in their midst.”

God has been so good to allow me this stewardship and to give me great friends who serve us in prayer and financial support while we give the work away at no cost to those who actually receive it.

Happy Thanksgiving my dear friends!!!!