Do You Know Who Is and Is Not a Real Christian?

John ArmstrongACT 3, Missional Church, Missional-Ecumenism, Unity of the Church

One of the most common responses I have run into about my thesis regarding missional-ecumenism comes down to this question: “I cannot cooperate with churches and people who are not Christian!”

If it were only this simple. You know who is and is not a follower of Christ and thus you can clearly judge the matter and not cooperate with false professors of the faith. Again, this problem arises in very conservative contexts where we believe we can judge the fruit of others and if they do not confess all the faith, or the part we think to be vital to living faith, we judge them to be false. This does not generally happen in real life situations, face-to-face, so much as it feeds an attitude that is ubiquitous in many churches. We say that we are just “fruit inspectors.”

Look, if someone is born again we can know they are, right? No, we cannot. God alone judges the heart. And only called and equipped leaders (elders) are charged with determining false teaching inside a church. Making this command the calling of every Christian, in a democratic society, has proven to be very deleterious.

I propose in this week’s video what I think is a better way to proceed. See what you think. Then check out the chapter in my book titled: Who Is a Real Christian?