Christmas and the Market

John ArmstrongAmerica and Americanism

There was a time when most of us thought that the Christmas season began after Thanksgiving. Then the retail stores began to start the festivities earlier and earlier in order to boost their year-end gains. I seem to recall that we began to hear Christmas music and see lights and Christmas-themed sales in mid-November just a few years ago. Yesterday, October 25th no less, I had to pick up something at the pharmacy at my nearby Costco. Low and behold Christmas music filled the aisles and sales were up and running. The place was packed. In fact the suburban roadways were in a state of traffic jam already. October 25th. Utterly amazing. And we are in a bad economy?

I wonder with the economy in the tank, so to speak, if Christmas will begin in September next year. Who knows, maybe we could eventually begin right after July 4th. Why not? A culture with little or no understanding of the meaning of the incarnation only has an aggressive sales plan left anyway. I have often wondered when I might finally drop the commercial part of Christmas. Some of my friends did so many years ago. I am not quick to react to such things. I take my time. After Saturday I might finally join the reactionaries. I am sick of being drug into a constant consumer pitch. I may "sit this one out." Anita and I will have to talk about this but with a large decrease in money we may have little choice anyway. (We had already cut way back in recent years.) There are many good things to be said for a weakened economy. This might be one.