Celebrating Osama bin Laden’s Death

John ArmstrongCurrent Affairs

wh-bin-laden I found myself tragically struck by both the tone and the manner of popular response to the death of Osama bin Laden. I felt like I was watching some of the Arab world after 9/11. People celebrating in the streets and making noise and triumphantly proclaiming “God bless America.” I was particularly mortified by the response of so many Christians I’ve listened to in public and private conversations. I fear their response reveals, rather tragically, just how far we have actually fallen from comprehending the gospel itself. I have resisted writing on this topic since it seems everyone has something to say right now. Better to say very little than too much. I need time to think and pray. I do not think that I can add much to this discussion but I urge you to carefully read the reflections of a first-rate Christian theologian, Miroslav Volf.

Michael Horton also had a thoughtful opinion piece in Christianity Today. I commend it to you as well.