Brother Yun: A Final Word

John ArmstrongACT 3

It should be evident by now that I was profoundly moved by the visit of Brother Yun to Chicago. I was even more profoundly moved by his ministry to me and by the friendship that we established by spending time together. When he assured me on September 21st that he was praying for me, and would pray for me, I believe him.

I have addressed the various attacks upon Brother Yun's ministry and character. I have also provided a link to Paul Hattaway's excellent article. There is one last attack on him that I want to address, since I personally observed this for myself.

It has been rumored widely that Brother Yun is a millionaire and lives an opulent lifestyle in the West. Along with this it is rumored that he raises large sums of money and uses it for himself. What do I make of this charge?

Absolutely nothing. While it is true that I have not been to Germany to see Brother Yun's home, nor have I seen his personal income or day-to-day lifestyle, I am certain this charge is blatantly false. Hattaway provides a number of credible sources to refute this charge.

What I did see was the way money was received and handled. I made the appeal, twice, for an offering and personally took charge of this matter. No one ever told me how to do this, what to do or how to increase the offering. In fact no pressure or expectations were placed upon me at all other than a simple request that an offering be taken for "The Back to Jerusalem" movement. This movement, which ministers with and to the underground Chinese church, has an American base in Florida, and the man who handles the money for the American ministry was in my presence and with the money at all times. I even observed the counting procedures on Sunday evening behind closed doors. Our ministry also wrote a check, for some of the money collected, and mailed it. Never was a demand placed upon me or ACT 3 that was out of line or wrong in any way.

Handling money as an itinerant preacher is a great temptation. I know this first hand since I often receive offerings for ACT 3. I take no money for myself. All funds given are directed to the mission. This protects me and thus I cannot personally benefit by large offerings. I make no special appeals and do not "seek" money. Brother Yun was doing exactly the same, and thus I find this charge bogus and completely malicious.

Paul Hattaway suggests that those who attack Brother Yun will not let up since they have accomplished something with their efforts, but they have not been able to stop Brother Yun from his worldwide ministry. I agree with him. God is upon this man and we should pray for him and the church in China. I am asking the board of ACT 3 to consider how we can become a partner with the church in China, and I am determined to pray for my new friend, Brother Yun. I urge you to do the same.

There was enough money given over the weekend that Brother Yun was here to pay off all our ACT 3 bills and have some money left over. For one slight moment it dawned on me, "This is a lot of money and we could use it." The Lord instantly corrected that spirit and said to me, "Give to those in China and trust me with your ACT 3 needs. I will supply." Hallelujah! The freedom of this is profound.