An Evening with Steve Brown

John ArmstrongACT 3

Header_homeLast Friday evening we celebrated the 17th Anniversary of the mission of ACT 3. My very good friend Steve Brown came from Orlando to speak for us at the Billy Graham Center in Wheaton. We had a wonderful evening. The attendance was far and away the best we have had for such an event in many years. And more than half of those who came had never been to an ACT 3 event previously, which thrilled us.

Steve spoke about The City of God, following the teaching of Jesus and St. Augustine’s classic book. He showed how you can love your country, the city of man, very deeply. But he also showed that Christians must keep their priorities clear and make the city of God their greater pursuit. His central point was that people in the city of man cannot hear the message the city of God gives to them unless they see "our tears." He took his central thought from the text where Jesus wept over the city of Jerusalem. He urged us to speak truth to power and always to do so with tears. If we cannot weep then we should be quiet. I agree with Steve with all my heart.

We also presented the mission of ACT 3. Our board chairman, Michael Craven, told the audience about our vision and purpose in very clear and compelling terms. A video and audio version of the evening will be available sometime in the near future. Watch our Web site for more information.