Abortion, Social Justice and Young Christians

John ArmstrongAbortion

Anthony03021 I applaud the rise of social justice Christianity, at least up to a certain point. Some of this movement is a politically left response to the political right. This always causes me to pause and look for the holes in the argument, of which I see a number. When the point becomes the politics of left or right then I have my serious doubts about its value or real effectiveness. We are charged, very clearly, to love justice and mercy. We are also called to live out the faith in the public square. This means we cannot be silent about concerns that are on God’s mind. I believe these include life and freedom at the top of the list.

In my recent work in the Read the Bible in 90 Days program I have been in the prophets of the Old Testament the last week or more. Their message is strong and deeply convicting. My friend Anthony Bradley raises some really good questions about the pro-life issue and the role younger “missional” Christians have taken in remaining outside the political part of this struggle to save lives, especially in urban New York City where Dr. Bradley lives.

I am not sure that Anthony has written the definitive response to this point but he should be heard and his views discussed and debated. I wonder what you think about his reasoning. A good number of comments can be found on the World Magazine page where his article appears. There you can see how some have already responded to this article. Insightful agreement and disagreement is welcome here too.