I do not make it a practice to "endorse" political candidates. I believe active Christian ministers, who serve the gospel as their primary calling, should speak faithfully and prophetically to all parties, all practices and all viewpoints, without aligning themselves or their ministry with political decision making. Ever so often I have a friend who feels "called" to enter the political arena out of faithfulness to God’s call upon his or her life. Such is the case with Jerry Zandstra in the state of Michigan. Jerry is seeking the Republican nomination for the U. S. Senate in his state. Jerry Zandstra’s candidacy is a long shot but it is one that I pray for almost daily. Win or lose I am glad he took the risk and followed his sense of God’s calling in his life.

I met Jerry Zandstra, a forty-two year old Christian Reformed Church minister, through the Acton Institute in Grand Rapids. Jerry is a keen thinker, with world class experience. He has spent a good deal of time in the developing world, visiting countries as varied as Zambia, Germany and Guatemala to lecture on economics and business. He has two master’s degrees in Bible and theology and is presently working on a doctorate in public administration. Jerry holds a distinct Kuyperian view of Christian faith and culture, and knows both the possibilities and the limitations of politics. He speaks with clarity, confidence and boldness, yet without the hubris so common to political candidates.

Jerry faces another minister in the Republican primary. He is being outspent by a considerable amount. The winner will face incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow. If you live in Michigan you can write to info@jerryzandstra.com for information. (www.jerryzandstra.com) If you live elsewhere pray for well-informed candidates, with the kind of abilities Jerry Zandstra has, to step forward for service in your state. We need both Democrats and Republicans like Jerry Zandstra, men and women of both good character and ability, who will offer themselves as public servants and allow God to direct their paths.

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