A Beatiful Day in the Sun at Wrigley Field

John ArmstrongBaseball

My love for baseball borders on passion, as readers already know. I thus enjoyed one of the loveliest days of the year on Friday. My daughter, who got her passion for this rgeat game directly from me, accompanied me for a gorgeous day at the old ball park—Wrigley Field. We had seats twenty rows above the Cubs dugout and soaked up the sun, enjoying the sights and sounds of a great day near Lake Michigan. And we saw the Braves win 6-5, this time in the ninth inning as the Cubs found several new ways to lose. Since we both went to see the Braves, our favorite team, the outcome was superb, just like our day. You really can’t beat fun at the old ball park, especially on a near perfect day in Chicago. I am truly blest to enjoy such delights in the summer.