A Reasonable Catholic and Evangelical Dialog

John ArmstrongApologetics, Roman Catholicism

Joe Heschmeyer Blogger Joe Heschmeyer is a Roman Catholic and an attorney in Washington, D.C. He has been reading my blogs, and interacting with me via these blogs, for several years now. I have found Joe to always be a reasonable, intelligent and fair-minded apologist. He is a very conservative and devout Catholic. I disagree with a great deal of what he writes. But he, like me, is not a “read meat” fighter. He is a lover of all things related to Jesus and the church, especially the Catholic Church. His all roads lead to Rome stance is common among many young bloggers but it is unconvincing to me. Yet I find him often helpful and always fair. A Catholic friend, who is reader of Joe’s blog and of mine as well, sent me a link to an article that Joe wrote on June 15 about the movement of people (converts) between Catholic and evangelical Protestant churches. (I wrote about Catholic reasons for leaving their church just a few weeks ago.) Why do Catholics leave? Research suggests some important reasons that I wrote about and Joe acknowledges as well. Why do evangelicals become Catholic? There is less formal research here, so far as I can tell, but I have read both sides of this discussion and had more than a few friends who left to become Catholic. Joe’s voice is one that I warmly welcome even though I would wish for a little more openness on his part. He is insightful and generous. Please read his comments.

royals By the way, Joe is a serious baseball fan just like me. He has to be a true, die-hard fan because he loves the Kansas City Royals. This love has to be genuine since too many fans only support winners. For years I supported horrible Atlanta Braves losing teams but still showed up and wore my colors. I did not get on the band wagon in the 1990s when the Braves had all that great pitching and winning teams and were self-proclaimed to be “America’s Team.” (They never were except in Ted Turner’s marketing brain!)

Joe was born and reared in Kansas City, thus his childhood love for his team is rooted in place and passion. Joe now lives in Alexandria, Virginia. I hope someday I can meet Joe face-to-face. I have grown to love and admire him for his work and faithfulness.