A Bumper Sticker Worth Remembering

John ArmstrongCulture

Bumper stickers are pop-culture icons. M23538942
I sometimes save them and then put them on the wall in my garage. Anita will not allow them in the house but the garage wall is mine! I have gotten more than a few interesting bumper stickers from street vendors in Berkley350355. I have also found a few interesting ones in Seattle and Santa Cruz. But I saw one yesterday that takes the cake. It said: Keep Portland Weird.
If you live in Portland forgive me for laughing but that one does say a lot about the Pacific Northwest.

The other one that I saw recently, and this one did make me laugh out loud, is in the picture to the side. 1051208_2
This is the way some people see it I guess. I am afraid this is also how most of the world hears our Christian message. They think Jesus is mad because we are so mad, both at them and even at ourselves. I can see this one catching on with some Christians I’ve known. It certainly doesn’t express a missional form of Christianity to a dying world.