A Break in Alabama

John ArmstrongPersonal

I am not writing new blogs until later this week. I am visiting my mother in North Alabama over these days. I covet your prayers as I deal with a number of her personal needs and some financial challenges. She is nearly 92 and her mental acuity is now that of a 5 or 6 year old child. She still knows me and has a great sense of humor mixed with real godliness and all without a word of complaint. She is without a great deal of physical pain and lives quite well, with much more meaning to her life than I think most moderns could understand. This means that it is really harder to process this for me than it is for her. Some of you understand this well, from your own experience with elderly loved ones.

Mom was once a great Bible teacher and influenced hundreds of people who are now literally scattered all over the world. Monday I read her letters and notes from six people who thanked her for her role in their lives over a lifetime of ministry well into her eighties. It was very encouraging. No one, however, was more influenced by her love for Christ and the Holy Scriptures than me.

Be sure that you truly love your parents. Remember, the one commandment with a promise is to honor your parents. I count this one of my greatest ministries now, not writing or preaching. If pure religion is loving widows then I am being allowed to practice that in these days with the one person who most influenced my love for Christ and his kingdom.

The other thing that I have noted in these days is that so much that we do that really and truly matters is not seen by anyone that is important, at least by worldly and/or ecclesial standards. God sees all of this and he knows. That is enough for us if we have real faith.

I will write more later in the week, d.v. Thanks for your prayers for me in these days.