9/11: The Day We Should Never Forget

John ArmstrongAmerica and Americanism

MovieBecause the "war on terror" is so hotly debated I believe most Americans have little or no concept of what our civilization is engaged in right now. I know this sentence is controversial to some readers but I am convinced it is true. I majored in history and have always had a great love for the subject. I have studied twentieth century history in particular. It was the "bloodiest" century in human history. I think both World War I and World War II were not necessary, at least not initially. The problem is that many "wished" for the best and then did little or nothing to prepare for defending the West against the onslaught of ideologies and leaders who hated our values. In the case of World War II this was particularly true. One only has to recall Neville Chamberlain to know how unpreparedness set the stage for a longer and more costly conflict.

On this date, September 11 (seven years ago), the radical Islamic assault on the West came home to our shores. Most of us will always remember where we were and what we were doing. Some of us even knew people who were killed or the family members of someone who died that day. I walk in and out of the Beamer Center at Wheaton College several times a week and recall Todd Beamer’s last day on this earth. It was a day that we should not forget but sadly too many of us have already begun to let these memories fade into a war of words.

Last evening I remembered 9/11 by watching the one-hour special that was aired last year. It is titled Obsession: Radical Islams War Against the West. It is a disturbing and painful one hour but one that every reader of this blog ought to see if you have any doubts about radical Islam and its goals to destroy America, Britain and every Jew on the planet. It is so shocking that I think many will not deal with the message that it communicates. I hope you will join the number of those who do watch it and then make up your mind that we are engaged in a very real war. It might not be with another nation, as in the past. Nor is it with a specific dictator who is piling up weapons. But it is a real war, a war based on ideology as much as World War II was based on the radical ideological fascism of Adolph Hitler.

You can see Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West online for a small fee or better yet buy the DVD version. I own a copy and will watch it more than once and also show it to my friends. Please, open your eyes to the very real evil that is still a threat to us all. If good people do nothing then evil will succeed. Human nature has not changed. People can do great good and great evil. When religion is used by a minority of Muslims to create world-wide havoc in the name of Jihad we need to know how to respond before it is too late.