Fr. Robert Barron on the Importance of Christian Unity

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Yesterday, I gave you a report on the recent dialogue that I did with my friend Fr. Robert Barron. Last fall Fr. Barron was interviewed by ACT3 on his ideas about Christian unity when we had our Lausanne Catholic-Evangelical Conversation at Mundelein. Today I publish a portion of that interview. The timing for this video is perfect since I spoke of Fr. Barron’s work yesterday and our dialogue at St. Procopius Abbey on February 9.

The entire video presentation of the February 9 event will be available here very soon. We will also have a three-minute PBS-type documentary video that captures the highlights and news of that special evening. This too will be published. Please share these interviews as widely as you would like. I believe they are a unique witness to God’s grace and the work of John 17 in our midst.

5 Comments on “Fr. Robert Barron on the Importance of Christian Unity”

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