Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

John ArmstrongACT 3, Prayer10 Comments

UnknownNo teaching on prayer has more powerfully impacted the Christian Church than the “model” prayer, what I prefer to call “The Disciples’ Prayer” (Matthew 6:9-15). The Lord’s Prayer is slightly inaccurate since our Lord never prayed this prayer but rather taught us to pray it. It is both a prayer to be prayed and a model to follow in all we offer to our Father in regular prayer. We both worship and petition when we follow this model. One of the three petitions we offer is for our “daily bread.” Have you ever wondered what this really means? Why should we still ask when God has promised to provide for us? What difference does our asking really make?

On Sunday, August 17, I preached a sermon, in a series on this text that the pastor has followed this summer at St. Paul United Church of Christ in Bloomingdale, IL. You can listen to this sermon on our ACT3 website via the embed below.


10 Comments on “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

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