Must the Reformation Wars Continue? (Seventeen)

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The Joint Declaration (1999) says, in section 4:6, in a part of the document called “The Assurance of Salvation” the following (italics are all mine): Catholics can share the concern of the Reformers to ground faith in the objective reality of Christ’s promise, to look away from one’s own experience, and to trust in Christ’s forgiving word alone (cf. Mt … Read More

Must the Reformation Wars Continue? (Sixteen)

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Could it really be true that Rome misunderstood the Reformers teaching on grace and faith in what they wrote at the Council of Trent? One evangelical respondent to the blog that sparked my initial interest in preparing this series of posts put the common view of so many quite well: “What is needed from the Catholic Church is repentance so shouldn’t … Read More

Must the Reformation Wars Continue (Fourteen)

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Latin America evangelist Luis Palau is a good friend of Pope Francis. Here he reveals openly what he knows about his brother and this pope’s strong commitment to the gospel. This interview, done in the summer of 2013 after the pope’s election by the conclave in Rome, provides further perspective on why the “Reformation Wars” should cease. Simply put, they serve no … Read More

Center Quest – An Ecumenical Hub

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My friend Wil Hernandez is doing an outstanding work of mentoring leaders. His Center Quest mission is well worth your consideration if you are looking for an excellent place to receive ecumenical training in Christian leadership. You can see his School of Spiritual Direction (SSD) at the Center Quest site. I cannot think of a better resource for this type of … Read More

The Enduring Legacy of Vatican Council II

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In the light of my posts this week on “The Reformation Wars” I decided to feature this video at week’s end. It is an extremely helpful look at Vatican Council II. Both Catholic and Protestants readers will profit from watching this excellent dialogue. Next week: “Must the Reformation Wars Continue?” (Parts Five – Eight)

Must the Reformation Wars Continue? (Part Three)

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Though there are significant differences between Catholic and Protestant theology I am personally convinced that the gospel is officially believed by the Catholic Church and this gospel is compatible with a solid biblical and evangelical understanding of the good news. This is the real elephant in the room in the debate advanced by blogger Tim Challies in his post about Pope … Read More

True Friendships (4)

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In my Tuesday blog (1/14) I gave a quotation from the monastic writer John Cassian that is taken from his book titled The Conferences. In this extremely practical and moving treatment of deep spirituality Cassian wrote the following about “true friendships” which I share again today: True friendships . . . have as their foundation [five principles] . . . … Read More

The Influence of Identity on Unity, Part One

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Guest Blog (Part One) Rev. Bill Berry served as the pastor for 31 years of a congregation in Marin County, California.    He transitioned to part-time staff at the same congregation and has served there for another 4 1/2 years assisting the church through the transition to a young pastor and positioning the congregation to reach the younger generations.  Over … Read More

A Great Film and the Nagging Question of Race in America

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President Abraham Lincoln believed that he was acting in the humane religious tradition of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights when he spoke in March of 1865. “This was their majestic interpretation of the economy of the Universe,” he said of the Founders’ view of what Hamilton had called mankind’s “sacred rights.” “This was their lofty, and … Read More