Love Alone Is Eternal (Part Eight)

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The Old Testament regularly sounds this theme, especially in what we call the wisdom literature (e.g. Job 27:3; 33:4; 34:14-15; Ps. 104:29-30). God upholds the creation through his Spirit. Even the natural processes of everyday life on our planet are credited by Jesus to the direct agency of his Father when he speaks of his Father providing sunshine and rain, … Read More

Love Alone Is Eternal (Part Seven)

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How do we understand God? Careful readers of the Bible since the time of the Jesus and the apostles have sought to understand the answer to this question, thus the meaning of certain prominent and recurring theological terms.  I am persuaded that the most basic of all questions really does come down to this: “How do we define or conceive of … Read More

Love Alone Is Eternal (Part Six)

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The great English writer and poet Christopher Dawson said poetry is “the language in which man explores his amazement.” The same could be said of all great art, literature and philosophy. Yet above all this much more can be said about Christian faith. I believe we can only become truly open to eternal love when we have the “eyes to … Read More

Love Alone Is Eternal (Part Four)

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Last week I posted three blogs on love (August 26-28). I began to show why love is eternal. The reason is to be clearly rooted in the eternal mystery of the biblical truth: “God is love” (1 John 4:8, 16). Today I want to take another example that demonstrates my affirmation – the person of Christ. Nestorius believed in Christ … Read More

Joseph – A Type of Christ?

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I am invited to preach in worship contexts in several different places, at least now and then. Here is my most recent sermon from Genesis 37 given at Lutheran Church of the Master in Carol Stream, August 3, 2014.

A Young Artist – Soul and Christ-centered Faith

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Steve Slagg, a good friend whose friendship I cherish, did a lot to help me launch some of my newer social media and online development. He is a fellow Wheaton graduate but young enough to be my youngest son. He is also a very talented artist. I highly commend his music. Visit his website and get some free material here. … Read More

Today’s Post – Revisions Being Made

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I had several historical and factual errors in my post made earlier today about Westminster Seminary. I am presently correcting these errors and will repost this blog (Part Three) later today. Bear with me while I try to make sure that what I report is accurate and truthful. I welcome any corrections to my post(s) and will seek to get … Read More

St. Patrick’s Bad Analogies

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So, do you think it is easy to express the doctrine of the trinity faithfully and clearly? Think again. And laugh just a little as you watch and listen to some intelligent theological humor.

Must the Reformation Wars Continue? (Twenty-One)

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It should be born in mind that the goal of the Lutheran dialogues with the Catholic Church is full visible communion. Recent changes in the larger Lutheran Church regarding sexuality and marriage have challenged this process but the partners continue to dialogue, showing how disagreements that are rather profound do not have to end the pursuit of peace and unity. … Read More

Understanding Pope Francis – Some Lutheran Humor

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Earlier today I shared a video clip (here) from a Lutheran source. It was satirical about Pope Francis. I took this video down after a friend I deeply love challenged me that it was offensive to some viewers and that it harmed my witness to oneness. I did not intend to create this offense and after a few moments of … Read More