A Book on Theology (Humor)

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I do not recall where I saw the cartoon but it was one with Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  Charlie said to Snoopy, "I hear you're writing a book on theology. I hope that you have a good title." Snoopy replied, "I have the perfect title (as he sat on his doghouse with his typewriter)." Has It Ever Occurred to You … Read More

Confessional vs. Functional

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Pastor Mark Moore, of Providence Community Church in Plano, Texas, is a friend that I met about five years ago on a retreat in Colorado. Recently, we connected again through Facebook and then his reading of my book, Your Church Is To Small. Then last week we shared a long telephone conversation that led me to read his blogs and … Read More

Doing Reformed Theology

John ArmstrongPersonal, Reformed Christianity, Theology

I am sometimes asked, “Are you a Reformed theologian?” This post is a brief attempt to give an honest (and simple) answer to this question. First, this question infers that I am a theologian. The answer to this part of the question is both yes and no. Every Christian is a theologian in some sense, either a good one or … Read More

A Theology Professor’s Prayer for Her Students

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I am particularly grateful that Wheaton College embraced the complete equality of women on their faculty many decades ago. (Wheaton was born in the time of anti-slavery and has always been an activist school in its robust evangelicalism.) I am even more grateful that this inclusion of women includes the Bible and Theology Department, a place where women are often … Read More

Why We Do Evangelism: What Does Hell Have to Do with It?

John ArmstrongEvangelism, Theology

In the recent debates about hell, stirred by the book Love Wins and the various blogs, articles and books now written in response to Rob Bell, I have heard many rather ridiculous arguments and statements on every side of this debate. At some point I may say more but there is one argument I want to take up today that … Read More

Conversations with Theologians

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More than twenty years ago an evangelical professor of theology at Hillsdale College, Dr. Michael Bauman (photo), decided to interview some of Europe’s leading theologians. He selected Anglican, Reformed, Lutheran, Orthodox and Catholic thinkers. He sought out eleven people because he thought they had in them the unmistakable marks of having lived a truly theological existence. The theologians included Hendrikus … Read More

Can Faith Be Both Biblical and Flexible?

John ArmstrongHermeneutics, Theology

I referred a few days ago to the dangers of labels; conservative and liberal. I believe we live in a time when labels have less meaning than ever. I am just not sure what a person means by the use of these labels, especially with regard to the Christian faith. Let me explain. If being a conservative means that one … Read More

Steve Brown Etc. "Religion: Sickness or Cure?"

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One of my favorite persons is Steve Brown. He also does one of my favorite radio programs called Steve Brown Etc.  Brown also teaches on Key Life, a fifteen-minute syndicated radio show heard around the country on around 300 radio stations and on the Internet, on which Brown teaches about grace and the Christian life. The show often ends with … Read More

A Christological Theology

John ArmstrongChrist/Christology, Jesus, Theology

I believe the greatest theological need in our time, along side the theological idea of what I’ve called missional-ecuemnism, is the recovery of a Christ-centered theological perspective. We desperately need a Christological theology! Our theology is often centered on perspectives that are rooted in a number of good biblical themes but lack Christ. There is nothing more central to the … Read More