Ancient-Future Faith: What Has It to Do with the Atonement?

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The Holy Spirit seems to be working new convictions –based on ancient ideas about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit – into the younger evangelical generation. My generation was attracted to the details of mastering a theological system and often thought in either/or terms about what was true and false. I was trained by evangelicals who were drawn to the … Read More

How Shall We Understand the Atonement?

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It must be stated, before we even consider several of the ways Christians have traditionally understood the atonement (the meaning of Christ’s death) and its relationship to our sin(s), that all Christians believe this great central truth – Christ’s death reconciles us to God. Whatever else you read, or think you hear me saying in the next few days, please … Read More

The Gospel of the Kingdom (1)

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Every Christian I know agrees that the gospel is essential to Christianity. It is “the power of God to salvation” (Romans 1:16). We know the word gospel means “good news” but what is this good news really about? And what is salvation? Is it escape from earth, life in heaven, missing hell, having our sins forgiven, or inviting Jesus into … Read More

My Theology is Getting More Complex – My Faith Is Growing More Simple

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On Thursday evening I engaged with a long thread of discussion on my Facebook page about a post made by a popular author by the name of Jim Palmer. Jim lives in Nashville and is a former evangelical pastor who left the pastoral ministry several years ago. He writes some helpful and genuinely provocative stuff. I have not read his … Read More

Why the Creed Really Matters to Your Church

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The Apostles’ Creed is a dynamic treasure. When we fail to use it, at least as a basic guide to essential teaching, there is a definite vacuum in our churches. We are generally left to choose the important truths that we want to major on. The result of this approach brings more disunity and doctrinal confusion, not less. In church … Read More

Does the Creed Really Matter?

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The outline of the Christian faith that we saw in Acts 2:14–36 (last week) provides a starting point for grasping the essential points of “the faith. We call this the kerygma, or the preached faith, of the earliest Christians. This is what they confessed and believed in order to be followers of “the Way,” or Christians. This underscores the importance … Read More

What We Believe and Why: Theology the Way It Should Be

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My good friend, Fr. George Koch, is an Anglican pastor who really gets it. He understands that theology is about knowing God and loving him in all that you do. He understands that having theological knowledge is good, but using that knowledge to live well is the real goal of good theology. To this end George has written a magnificent … Read More

ACT 3: A Printed Treasury of Practical Theology

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The ministry of ACT 3 began in 1991. Four brothers met in my living room in Carol Stream to agree on forming a new non-profit ministry that would aim to positively impact the lives of church leaders. (One of those brothers is still on our board, one is still very close to me personally but lives out-of-state in retirement. One … Read More