ACT3 Network and Social Media

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I work regularly with a leadership consultant who is lending help to me so that ACT3 Network can better use the social media. While I continue to major on face-to-face friendships and growing relationships I believe the social media can both supplement and help such friendships I also believe it can establish the basis for such a friendship. The social … Read More

Facebook & Twitter: My Life Course Corrections (1 of 2)

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Like so many of you who are reading this blog post I have been on-again and off-again with Facebook and the social media. Recently I embraced them and began to devote more time to interact with friends and acquaintances via this means. As of today I am taking a “leave of absence” to rest from this medium. I want to … Read More

The Sunday Assembly – A Non-Theist Response to Religion

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For well more than a century freethinkers, and religious skeptics, have gathered, talked and participated in various forms of social interaction without any expression of formal religion. In 1882 the Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago was founded to provide a meeting and fellowship for just such a gathering. The Ethical Humanist Society of Chicago describes itself as a democratic fellowship … Read More

TIME’s Man of the Year and “Selfies”

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The famous Oxford University Press Dictionary of the English Language continues to add new words to each edition. One of the lovely things about the English language is that it grows through global usage. A new word that many Millennials know, but few in my generation have heard, is “selfie.” Selfie made the cut in the newest edition of the … Read More

Can You Interpret the Signs of the Times?

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Except for political debate, popular culture may elicit as many responses, both pro and con, as any current subject discussed by Christians. There is a range of views in our ranks about culture. This range goes from one end of a spectrum – an end which says, “stay away, stay entirely away” – to another – which says “enjoy it … Read More

Are We Reading Less Because of the Rise of the Digital Generation?

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Will reading decline because of the digital revolution? Instinctively many (most?) of my generation thinks the correct answer is a resolute yes. But, as college football analyst Lee Corso often says, “Not so fast my friend!” We are dumbing down, or so the accepted line of argument goes, thus fewer and fewer books are now being sold. Libraries will soon … Read More

The World Is Flat – What It Means for Mission

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Thomas Friedman, in his best-selling book The World is Flat, provides an incredibly compelling overview of how advances in modern technology, communication and marketing have flattened our world. He explains that the world is rapidly shrinking and shows how geographical, language and cultural barriers have become increasingly blurred by the day. Never before have we had the resources, technology and … Read More

Don't Let the Suburbs Kill My Soul

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My friend Jeff Gokee, executive director at partner ministry PhoenixONE, shared this You Tube song with me yesterday. It is written and performed by Christian musician Ben Rector. I had never even heard of the guy until I listened to this song. The plaintive and prayerful plea is to “not let the suburbs kill my soul.” I have done a … Read More

An ACT3 Network Partnership in Phoenix

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Last week I shared again in a wonderful time of ministry in Phoenix. It was my third visit to the Valley of the Sun over the last 16 months. My primary purpose has been to be with my dear friend, Jeff Gokee. Jeff is the executive director of PhoenixONE, one of the most hopeful and exciting movements of the Spirit … Read More