Lessons from Pope Francis for All Christian Leaders (1)

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Just three days before Christmas Pope Francis delivered a message to the Curia that was described by the Associated Press as “blistering.” It was frank and called upon the leaders of the church to repent! I’ve never seen anything quite like it in my lifetime. It was a full-scale indictment of the Vatican bureaucracy; i.e. those priests and cardinals who … Read More

Let’s Talk with Mark Elfstrand – August 15, 2014

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I mentioned in my September 3 blog post that I would appear on Mark Elfstrand’s Chicago program (4:00 to 6:00 p.m.) on WYLL as a “Resident Theologian.” Here is a short appearance I made with Mark taken from a live broadcast on Friday, August 15. It includes my response to his question about the pastoral ministry of Mark Driscoll in … Read More

Westminster Theological Seminary – Can Institutions Respond to Controversy in Radical Love? (Part Five)

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A common view, at least within many evangelical circles, is that a “culture” cannot be changed. Before I proceed to argue against this view let me define my terms just a bit. I am using the word “culture” as it has evolved in English usage through the social sciences. It came to refer, in the 20th century, to a central concept … Read More

Leadership and the Proverbs

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As a result of my wide opportunities for travel, and through partnering with many different ministries, I am afforded the unique opportunity of meeting and making many new friends in a variety of contexts. On such friend is Dr. Robert Yost, author of the extremely useful book, Leadership Secrets from the Proverbs: An Examination of Leadership Principles from the Book … Read More

ACT3 Luncheons in 2014 – A New Opportunity for Missional-Ecumenism

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As the ministry of ACT3 developed over the last five years I began to lead occasional lunch gatherings that felt a bit like those old Whitefield Fellowships that I wrote about yesterday. These fellowships began in 1981 and continued until about 2000. At one point I lead four of these groups in the greater Chicago area. Many of my friendships, … Read More

How and Why ACT3 Began

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The ministry of ACT3 Network was legally incorporated in 1991. Four men joined me in our home in Carol Stream for the purpose of founding a non-profit teaching mission that would seek the renewal of the church through impacting the lives of pastors and leaders. At the time this ministry was incorporated it was called Reformation & Revival. But the … Read More

Pray for Sister Madge and the Mission of Christ in South Africa

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Sister Madge Karecki is a dear friend to me and many others. Madge knows how to make and enjoy deep friendships like few people that I have met in the last several years. Sadly, at least for her scores of friends here in Chicago, Madge was called to be the president of the only Catholic college in the nation of … Read More

A Baptist Minister Drawing Lessons from Pope Francis

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In late October I visited with Michael and Nancy Ristau, two dear friends who live in Lexington, Kentucky. I met Michael while speaking on a mens’ retreat for several churches in California years ago. Michael and Nancy are like other people I’ve met in my travels here and there, persons who feel drawn to form a deep and growing friendship … Read More

Sixteenth Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama – The Legacy Lives (3)

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Birmingham pastor Fred Shuttlesworth (1922–2011) was known as a fiery preacher in the 1950s when he served the Bethel Baptist Church in Birmingham as a young minister. Born in Mount Meigs, Alabama, Shuttlesworth was licensed and ordained as a preacher in 1948. He earned an A.B. (1951) from Selma University and his B.S. (1953) from Alabama State College. Shuttlesworth served … Read More

David & Goliath: Have We Misunderstood a Classic Biblical Story?

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Popular author Malcolm Gladwell is one of the best-selling non-fiction writers of our time. His insights into how we think, make decisions and process complex data are intriguing to most who’ve read his books. He can be exasperating, however, when he glosses over big and important issues to make a central point, something that he does quite often. In his … Read More