Egypt's Muslims Stand By Coptic Christians at a Mass

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I wrote a post on January 7 about Muhammad and Muslims. I think it is important for us to realize that what we are fed by the media, especially the more conservative TV media and the numerous talkers on radio, is often imbalanced. It is definitely not gospel. We ought to see it for what it really is, opinion and … Read More

Islam and Christian Charity: How Far Should We Go?

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I wrote yesterday a review of the film: Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet (January 6). Just after posting this review I read an article in the Christianity Today online site that caught my attention.  I highly recommend it as a fair piece of journalism and a helpful way to raise important questions. The crux of the story concerns “sacred space” … Read More

Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet

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In 2002 PBS released a documentary on the life of the prophet Muhammad. The timing of this was not humanly planned since 9/11 occurred while the project was being finished. In fact, some of the final filming was in post 9-11 New York City. A New York City Fire Department captain, who is a convert to Islam, was featured prominently … Read More

Little Town of Bethlehem

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Opinions range from one extreme to the other on how to find “peace in the Middle East.” Many Christians actually think peace is impossible since the great prophetic clock is ticking down day-by-day to the return of Christ. Others, especially among some liberal critics, think the single solution is for Israel to stop its unjust practices and cease to be … Read More

Son of Hamas

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The popular Christian biography/memoir, Son of Hamas, is a genuinely moving story of betrayal, courage and true conversion. The young author, Mosab Hassan Yousef (now living in California), has given us an inside account of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. But his conclusions will unsettle hopes for a lasting peace. When he decided to leave his role as … Read More

Why Do Muslims Become Jesus Followers?

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J. Dudley Woodberry, dean emeritus and senior professor of Islamic Studies at the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, has served at the Christian Study Center in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, and as a pastor in Kabul, Afghanistan and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. When Woodberry speaks about evangelizing Muslims I take notice. Woodberry’s new (edited) book, From Seed … Read More

Building Bridges With Our Muslim Neighbors

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In a world where the fear of Muslims is very high most of us are not sure how to respond to the Muslims we meet from day-to-day. Increasingly Muslims live in our neighborhoods. You almost have to live in a small rural area or a remote place to not see Muslims on a daily bases. They live in many of … Read More

Moderate Muslims and the Islamists

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If radical Islam is to be countered in North America and Europe it seems that it will take much more than military force and positive education. The key to a successful resistance against jihad is quite likely to be found in the efforts of moderate Muslims who resist the Islamic fascists inside their own communities. Thankfully there are a number … Read More

Will Iran Legislate the Death of Thousands of Christians?

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The state religion of Iran, as everyone I suppose knows, is Islam. In fact 98% of the nation’s 66 million people are Muslim. The problem this presents for people of any other faith, especially Christians, is a major human rights issue but few world leaders pay attention. Satellite television is having some impact within Iran and there is evidence of … Read More