Same-sex relationships and the church

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A very helpful interaction of the kind that is called for by people who love deeply and follow Christ. You will find things to disagree with but if you agree with everything why bother to reconfirm you own views? I submit this as a helpful and civil exchange. Full blog post copied below, if you prefer to embed the whole … Read More

Chicago’s Archbishop Cupich’s Response to the Supreme Court’s Ruling

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In my post yesterday I referenced the response of some conservative Christian ministers and leaders to the Supreme Court ruling on marriage announced last week. A Chicago news report noted that Archbishop Blasé J. Cupich, on Sunday, July 5, urged Chicago’s Catholics to adopt “mature and serene reflections as we move forward together.” Cupich noted that the Court’s decision had … Read More

The Week That Dramatically Altered the Culture Conflict and the Future of the Church

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Response to the recent Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage has been all over the map, to say the least. We have seen some amazing celebrations and all the expected denunciations from many Christians. At First Baptist Church in Dallas the pulpit was adorned with red, white and blue last weekend. The pastor called the ruling “an affront in the … Read More

Same-Sex Marriage Dividing a Local Parish

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On the same day that I read the Associated Press report that I referenced yesterday regarding the new Pew Research about same-sex marriage there was another report from Great Falls, Montana. This story struck me as one filled with profound pain and difficulty. Roman Catholic Bishop Michael Warfel of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings conducted a meeting with about 300 … Read More

Has the Political Support for Same-Sex Marriage Leveled Off?

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Has American political support for same-sex marriage leveled off in recent months? A recent Pew Research Center poll says: “Yes.” After years of continual and dramatic growth for the support of same-sex marriage this growth may have slowed, if not stopped. The poll’s authors caution that it is too soon to make definitive conclusions about this new data. To give … Read More

Gay Scouts and the Culture War

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I do not know of a cultural debate that reveals the profound differences among conservative Christians in America more than the recent decision of the Boys Scouts of America (BSA) to openly accept homosexual scouts. (A move to allow openly homosexual scoutmasters to serve Scout troops has been delayed.) This new policy clearly reveals the wide range of Christian responses … Read More

Sex in the Modern City: The Consequences of Our Cultural Patterns

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Sex is the lifeline of all human life on this planet. Virtually all forms of animal life mate in one form or another. This is how they procreate their species. For most species the ability to share the physical act of sex is restricted to only a few time periods during each year. This natural observation leads me to the … Read More

Sex: Understanding the Two Great Fallacies That Harm Marriage

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The current debate about marriage, same-sex marriage, and the relationship of both to orthodox Christian teaching, all seems to finally come down to sex itself. I am convinced, however, that if we draw this conclusion it is incredibly flawed. I ended yesterday’s post by saying that we have inherited two fallacies regarding sex. First, we have inherited the idea that … Read More

Human Sexuality and Holy Marriage

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I concluded in yesterday’s post that marriage is in deep trouble as a social institution in Western culture. After centuries of development, and developing legal support, the institution is now falling apart in a little more than one generation. This tragic loss has little, or nothing, to do with the same-sex debate that is raging at the moment. I ended … Read More

Romance, Human Bliss and the Changing Place of Marriage in Our Culture

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In the introduction to his classic book, Orthodoxy, the famous G. K. Chesterton says that he wished “to set forth my faith as particularly answering this double spiritual need, the need for that mixture of the familiar and the unfamiliar which Christendom has rightly named romance.” This quote baffled me at first sight. How can a “mixture of the familiar … Read More