Finding Our Way Back to the Mission of Jesus

John ArmstrongGospel/Good News, Jesus, Poverty

In my personal conservative (white) background the mission of Jesus was understood in almost entirely private and individual terms. We were called to preach the gospel to the lost and then to call on them to come to Jesus personally. That was it. Everything else was just an "add-on" (not part of the gospel or necessary) since this private spiritual … Read More

How Evangelicals Misuse the “G” Word

John ArmstrongAmerican Evangelicalism, Gospel/Good News, Hermeneutics, Unity of the Church

Nothing fires up some conservative Christians more than a red-meat debate about who is denying, or has denied, the gospel. I know this first-hand because I once engaged in these kinds of debates and contributed to the fires by attributing gospel denial to other Christians. It was painful to do an about-face and even apologize privately and publicly for some of … Read More

Radical Forgiveness at the Heart of the Gospel

John ArmstrongForgiveness, Gospel/Good News

At the heart of the gospel is radical forgiveness. God has forgiven us in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness removes the wall that separates us from God and one another. In the Roman Empire nothing could be further removed from religion and everyday life than forgiveness. I recently watched several historical series on Rome and the Empire. This viewing was connected to … Read More

The Amazing Story of Congressman Bobby Rush

John ArmstrongCivil Rights, Gospel/Good News, Kingdom of God, Politics, Race and Racism

U. S. Congressman Bobby Lee Rush was born November 23, 1946 in Albany, Georgia, but grew up on Chicago’s North Side, where his mom was a Republican precinct captain. Today he is the U.S. Representative for Illinois' 1st congressional district. Rush worked as a medical clinic director during the early 1970s, and as an insurance agent in the late 70s … Read More

The Clash of Worldviews on Easter Day

John ArmstrongGospel/Good News, Jesus, Resurrection

This day (Easter) more clearly demarcates the dividing line between the world view of fallen human power from the world view of Jesus of Nazareth than any other. (This truth is asserted each Lord’s Day since it is Easter that makes the whole of the calendar change once and for all!) While Jesus was alone in the garden, on Thursday … Read More