The Atonement and the Grace of Forgiveness

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If you follow the idea of atonement that I began to develop yesterday, namely that the atonement is ultimately about divine forgiveness, then you can readily see that a payment is truly made to atone (lit: to make us one again). This payment, says Jim Danaher, is one that “God makes to himself, which means that he suffers the loss” … Read More

Ancient-Future Faith: What Has It to Do with the Atonement?

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The Holy Spirit seems to be working new convictions –based on ancient ideas about God, Christ and the Holy Spirit – into the younger evangelical generation. My generation was attracted to the details of mastering a theological system and often thought in either/or terms about what was true and false. I was trained by evangelicals who were drawn to the … Read More

Why I Celebrate Lent

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For those readers who do not practice Lent, and I am sure there are a few, bear with me while I tell you why I do. First, what is Lent? The word “Lent” means “spring” and comes from the Middle English lente, meaning “lengthen.” It signifies the “lengthening” of the days after long winter nights. The cold and darkness of … Read More

Les Misérables: A Film That Reveals What True Faith Looks Like

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Victor Hugo’s epic story, “Les Misérables,” is set against the backdrop of 19th-century France, times of revolution and upheaval aimed at a culture dominated by the Catholic Church for many centuries.  As most readers already know “Les Misérables” tells a moving story of broken dreams and unrequited love, of passion, sacrifice and redemption. It is a classic novel for a … Read More

The Debt: A Sobering and Tense Thriller

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Each of us has secrets that we keep to ourselves. We know this even though we often try to avoid it. Some of these secrets haunt us profoundly. Sometimes we are able to make a semblance of peace with them over time. This is why confession is so vital to true spiritual and emotional health. The ancient traditions of Orthodoxy … Read More

Radical Forgiveness at the Heart of the Gospel

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At the heart of the gospel is radical forgiveness. God has forgiven us in Jesus Christ. Forgiveness removes the wall that separates us from God and one another. In the Roman Empire nothing could be further removed from religion and everyday life than forgiveness. I recently watched several historical series on Rome and the Empire. This viewing was connected to … Read More